The Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors (CACEA) is THE association for energy advisors across Canada.

Through strategic partnerships and a strong focus on the needs of EAs, as well as the building, energy and environmental sectors, CACEA is committed to providing support and services that will advance the profession and contribute to the overall success of our members.

As a member of CACEA you have exclusive access to:

- Sector Knowledge, Resources and Expertise through inside information, valuable resources and professional development that supports your competitiveness and professionalism.

- A Strong and Supportive Network of industry leaders where you can learn from peers, make valuable connections that enhance business opportunities and impact the bottom line.

- Influencing Change and Sharing a Unified Voice with key industry and regulatory stakeholders to promote the importance of the profession in the building and energy sectors.

CACEA's EA members are held to a high standard.

We require members to

  • maintain errors and omissions insurance in addition to liability insurance;
  • provide an annual Service Organization (SO)verification letter to confirm they are in good standing with their SO and NRCan;
  • abide by CACEA's Code of Ethics as well as NRCan's Code of Conduct; and
  • participate in an annual Continuing Education Credit program to demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and skills development.