About Energy Advisors

What are Energy Advisors?

  • Home energy efficiency and building science, house-as-a-system experts.
  • Registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to deliver the EnerGuide Rating System for new and existing homes.
  • Trained to use diagnostic (e.g., blower door air leakage test) and modelling (HOT2000) tools.

What do they do?

  • Provide impartial, third-party verification and ratings of a home’s energy efficiency.
  • Conduct “basic” EnerGuide labeling services and in-depth engagements where clients leverage their expertise and “advise”.
  • Help building professionals and homeowners make good, informed decisions on energy efficiency pathways.
  • Perform inspections, tests, and modelling, verify compliance and report results for labeling programs.
  • Expertise and work are recognized in Part 9 building codes nationwide and a compliance pathway for supplementary energy codes and performance pathway programs.

EA Work

EAs are knowledgeable efficiency and sustainability professionals – helping homeowners, renovators and builders make GOOD decisions – and where house components work together, and a home is safe, comfortable, efficient and durable. They are YOUR partner to successfully navigate a challenging and ever-changing landscape.

EAs can provide "basic" services (EnerGuide label/code compliance requirements, reporting/RUR). However, it is ideal to leverage an EA’s expertise beyond the basic EnerGuide process.

  • FOR NEW HOMES OR EXTENSIVE RENOVATIONS engage an EA at the design stage (ideal) or during the build, to facilitate discussions with architects / designers, trades and contractors, and other building professionals to explore different opportunities and pathways.
  • FOR EXISTING HOMES engage an EA to review your renovation upgrade report (RUR) and identify areas that require attention and explore additional opportunities to create a roadmap towards a healthier, more sustainable and efficient home.

EA Work

EnerGuide and R-2000 are official marks of Natural Resources Canada. The ENERGY STAR® mark is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada

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