Our Mission

To support a sustainable profession of successful and credible Canadian Energy Advisors.

Over the years, the role of Energy Advisors has evolved dramatically, and the landscape is continuing changing. The association was created to respond to changes to codes and standards, municipal requirements, new HOT2000 versions and forthcoming regulations as well as provide a centralize point of contact for stakeholders such as municipalities, utilities, building officials, builders and developers, homeowners and many other who are increasingly relying on EAs for guidance, knowledge and professionalism.

Founded in 2017, the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors (CACEA) is a national association that promotes and supports Energy Advisors (EA) across the country. We are focused on elevating the professionalism, leveraging opportunities for our members, and fostering collaborative relations with stakeholders in the building and energy sectors.

About Our Members

CACEA has a robust membership structure to ensure diverse engagement and representation across Canada. Members work closely with key influencers and stakeholders as active members with multiple programs, codes and standards groups across Canada.

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