Please note this page is currently under construction and the list of CEAs is incomplete.

At this time the VBBL list on the CACEA site is not intended to substantiate the standing of each individual CEA.   The list is intended to be a list only at this time. To verify the standing of a CEA please contact their SO (Service Organization). The SO will verify the CEA has the necessary insurance and WCB coverage, and their certification with NRCan is in good standing.

All CEAs must submit files with a Licensed New Home Service Organization. Not all CEAs listed have been trained on the new VBBL.  Please verify with your CEA or SO before hiring, to determine if he or she is confident to provide services that conform with the new VBBL.

“At this time the City of Vancouver allows any licensed active CEA to work with any homebuilder. Attendance of the training is recommended and encouraged, but not mandatory. That said, a CEA may be prevented from working on new homes in Vancouver if there is a quality issue with their work. The City will be doing QA over and above what NRCan will be doing for new homes submitting plans in 2015.” – Chris Higgins CoV Sustainability group.

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If you are an active New Homes CEA and are trained do provide New Home CEA services with the new Vancouver Building Bylaw please apply to be a registered member of our organization.